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WinAgents HyperConf

WinAgents HyperConf automates network configuration management, performs automatic configuration backups for your routers, switches and firewalls in a multi-vendor network environment.

Automate Network Configuration and Backup Device Settings with WinAgents HyperConf

Dramatically increase your network reliability by automating the backup of your network settings and Cisco device configurations. See when, how and who was accessing your network devices. Cut down administration costs by simplifying the configuration of your network devices with WinAgents HyperConf.

Most Failures Come from Inside

According to Gartner, most cases of network failures are not the results of external attacks or hardware failures. Instead, up to 80% of all failures are direct results of misadministration and poor configuration. Tight security measures and corporate policies do not provide adequate protection against these kinds of threats. Tighter security meant to defend a network against system administrators can only lead to performance decrease, but won’t provide any additional protection against human error.

If a network device, such as a Cisco switch or router, fails, it can be replaced in a matter of hours according to the service contract with its original manufacturer. Restoring your network settings and making necessary adjustments and configuring the device takes extra time and slows down the recovery process, increasing your network downtime.

Backup your Network Configuration Automatically

The only way to protect the integrity of your network and to provide the highest possible uptime is, as always, backup of the configuration of networking devices performed on regular basis. Hardly anyone doubts the importance of regular data backups, but backups of network configuration and device settings are widely neglected.

WinAgents HyperConf automates the process of making device backups. It makes scheduled backups of all network devices and provides additional protection against misconfiguration by backing up the configuration of device settings every time someone makes any changes. WinAgents HyperConf instantly detects configuration changes via the SYSLOG messages monitoring, and records when and who accessed the device and what exactly has been changed. In case of a problem you can easily roll back the device to its previously working configuration without the need to call a system administrator.

Fast Network Recovery and Reduced Downtime

Backup and restore your Cisco configuration automatically! Making timely backups of your device configurations makes recovery after a network failure a non-issue. Restoring a working configuration to a misconfigured device does not require much efforts. Even if your network device fails completely, and gets replaced with a new one, restoring its configuration from a backup is just a matter of minutes!

Compare Device Configurations

WinAgents HyperConf is not limited to configuration backup and restore. With its built-in configuration viewer you can easily track and compare changes made to the configurations of your network devices. With WinAgents HyperConf, you will always know when, how and who was configuring your network devices.

Simplify Network Configuration and better ACL Control

WinAgents HyperConf makes configuration changes easy for most types of network devices. The built-in configuration editor with syntax highlight allows viewing and changing device configurations easy. Making changes to Cisco configuration is especially easy thanks to the trademarked RouterTweak technology that allows editing device configuration visually.

WinAgents HyperConf offers a fast and convenient alternative to controlling ACL lists by allowing you to add or remove ACL commands from anywhere on the list. WinAgents HyperConf is aware of the Cisco command line and supports Cisco ACL as well.

Highly Compatible

WinAgents HyperConf supports configuration management for all Cisco routers, switches and firewalls running IOS, PIXOS and CatOS operating systems. The list of supported equipment also includes network devices of HP, 3Com, Foundry, Nortel (Bay), NETGEAR, D-Link and other network hardware vendors.

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