ViewNow X Server



Business Challenge
While Microsoft Windows remains the leader in desktop operating
systems, most of the backend operations of leading organizations
take place on large host and mid-range servers. Many of these large
servers are UNIX/Linux based and need to be accessed remotely on
Windows desktops using X Windows. Bridging the gap between
these Windows desktops and the backend systems while at the
same time keeping costs down has been a problem for many
organizations. Additional pressures on the need for access to UNIX/
Linux based systems are:
a. More attention to IT expenditure; needing to lower the cost of
ownership of the desktop machine
b. Growth in multi-platform software packages that requires
companies to be OS-agnostic and indifferent
c. Rapidly growing deployment of JAVA based enterprise solutions,
which is highly cross-platform
d. Availability of cloud based software-as-a-service hosted
offerings which most often are offered on UNIX/Linux platforms.
e. Growing usage of virtualization solutions using UNIX/Linux
f. Use of UNIX/Linux versions of speciality appliances
g. Established and growing market of Apple Mac-OS™ based systems
Product Overview and Key Benefits
Micro Focus ViewNow X Server is a Cost-effective access to highperformance UNIX applications from Windows desktops
ViewNow X provides Windows PC users with easy network access
to memory-intensive, graphics-rich X applications running on UNIX
systems. While X applications appear to be running locally on the
desktop, processing actually takes place on the UNIX server, allowing
organizations to leverage the power of X applications without the
expense of dedicated, high-powered UNIX workstations.
Integrated management capabilities, customization tools, and
network diagnostic
Provides lower-cost access to high-performance UNIX applications
Enables remote management of user workspaces and uses
Microsoft Installer for consistent, seamless installation and
Centralized management capability enables administrators to
publish and update session profiles for all users from a single
Works on Windows Vista, XP, and Windows 2000 desktops,
eliminating the added administrative cost of maintaining both a
PC and a graphical workstation
Detailed Feature Overview
Provides Motif Windows Manager functionality, enabling users to
move & resize windows smoothly
Supports 2D and 3D graphics application programming interface
using high-end OpenGL 1.1/GLX 1.2
Uses simple software configuration, deployment, and
administration methodologies
Securely accesses any desktop running an X client
Remotely performs management tasks on the remote machine
Secures communication between workstations and servers
by supporting SSH (Secure Shell) and Kerberos 5.0 for both
authentication and encryption
Provides seamless point-and-click Windows integration, wizards,
and context-sensitive online help to simplify access to X applications



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