Performance Center


Enterprise-level centralized platform

Increase efficiency and reduce cost by performance load testing any application through a globally accessible platform for sharing best practices and resources.

Most comprehensive technology support

Support testing for the broadest range of applications—including legacy technology, packaged apps, and the latest in Web 2.0 and mobile applications—using advanced scripting capabilities.

Advanced analysis and reporting

Identify bottlenecks by integrating non-intrusive, real-time application performance monitoring (APM) and diagnostics in test environments, and compare and fine-tune tests with production monitoring data.

Mobile Testing

Carry out mobile performance testing for both browser-based and native mobile applications using the most advanced network and service virtualization.

Use tools that reduce the complexity

Anomaly detection enables you to quickly, intuitively, and effectively identify abnormal application behavior in performance tests.

Continuous testing

Integrate performance testing into your development environment including IDE, continuous integration, and build systems.



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