OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition



Using OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition, enterprises can use Java technology to integrate their most demanding real-time applications. OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition is Micro Focus’s real-time CORBA-compliant ORB for the Real-time Specification for Java (RTSJ).


Enterprise level service

The architecture of OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition is open and flexible. Based on a product core that has been tried and tested in demanding applications – including military and commercial sectors – its architecture supports full CORBA operations.


CORBA Real-Time Specification for Java

The new Real-time Specification for Java (RTSJ) extends the benefits of Java technology to the real-time community, creating an architecture in which hard real-time (HRT), soft-real-time (SRT), and non-real-time (NRT) processes can coexist and share data.

Real-time CORBA middleware

With the publication of the Real-time CORBA Specification, the OMG extended the benefits of CORBA to the real-time domain. The standard addresses the issues of end-to-end predictability across CORBA systems and provides solutions in terms of priority control, synchronization, and resource control.



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