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IP-Guard V4. 6 Modules


IP-guard is a powerful IT management software that helps organizations of all sizes protect valuable data, manage employee computer usage and online activity, and ease system management. It addresses challenges like data theft, spyware, unauthorized access, and malicious activities, aiming to safeguard intellectual property and improve productivity.

Modules Overview:

  • IP-Guard consists of 15 modules that can be optionally selected to meet diverse customer needs and save costs. At a minimum, 3 modules are required: the Basic Management module and 2 selective modules. Here’s an overview:
  • Basic Management: Includes basic event logs (system startup/shutdown, user logon/logoff), basic controls like send/lock/unlock/restart/shutdown messages to agents, and blocking/controlling access to various computer management tools, settings, and tasks, like Task Manager, Command Prompt, and Registry edits.
  • Application Management: Monitor and control application usage to improve efficiency and block malicious apps. Captures application statistics and records application activity.
  • Bandwidth Management: Monitors and controls network traffic to avoid abuse and ensure sufficient bandwidth for business use. Offers traffic statistics and policy settings for effective bandwidth allocation.
  • Removable Storage Management: Control, monitor, and encrypt removable storage devices to protect valuable data. Includes permissions, automatic encryption/decryption, and device encryption.
  • V+ Document Encryption: Protects data security by safeguarding documents, emails, instant messages, and printed files, even backing up documents before modifications.
  • PC & Internet Monitoring: Monitors computer usage and online activity, including recording screen snapshots and details of user activities
  • Endpoint Security Management: Protects against data loss and monitors/controls employee activities