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Intel Fortran Composer Edition Priority Support


Intel Fortran Composer Edition Priority is a comprehensive Fortran development environment that provides a suite of tools, including a compiler, debugger, and libraries, to develop, optimize, and deploy Fortran applications.

Key Features:

  1. Fortran Compiler: Includes the Intel Fortran Compiler, which provides industry-leading performance, compatibility, and reliability for Fortran applications.
  2. Debugger: Includes the Intel Debugger, which provides a comprehensive debugging environment for identifying and fixing errors in Fortran code.
  3. Math Kernel Library (MKL): Includes the Intel MKL, which provides a comprehensive library of optimized math routines for scientific and engineering applications.
  4. Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Provides an integrated development environment that includes a project manager, editor, and debugger, making it easy to develop, build, and debug Fortran applications.
  5. Priority Support: Includes priority support, which provides expedited response times, priority access to technical support, and access to Intel’s expert technical team.
  6. Compatibility and Portability: Supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, and is compatible with a wide range of Fortran standards and dialects.
  7. Optimization Tools: Includes a range of optimization tools, including the Intel VTune Amplifier and Intel Advisor, to help optimize and improve the performance of Fortran applications