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IBM Informix reliably manages and secured business-critical data. It offers unlimited scalability and broad functionality to harness the power of data. It is known for its industry-leading OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) performance delivered at cost-efficient prices.


  • Real-Time Analytics: It helps businesses leverage analytics-driven actionable insights while staying close to data sources for enhanced local decision making
  • Eliminates Downtime: Capability to maintain, upgrade and configure the grid without any downtime while successfully meeting service level agreements
  • Enhanced Development Agility: Offers support for unstructured and structured data through a hybrid database management system to ensure more natural development and flexibility
  • Lesser Hassles: Informix offers simpler deployment features, including smart triggers for database push notifications and event-based data processing. It also allows automation and frees up resources to focus on core business activities
  • Offers cutting-edge data warehouse performance through the basic engine and Warehouse Accelerator module
  • Can be embedded more efficiently in comparison to other RDBMS systems
  • Offers high scalability and compatibility from Raspberry PI to the state-of-the-art multi-layered distributed nodes computing system
  • Ability to merge relational data in a time series with geospatial data, JSON data, and other unconventional data types
  • Perfect for enterprises that want to leverage parallel and multi-threaded processing of data
  • Intuitive dashboard to monitor server performance
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules can configure user authentication mechanism
  • Data compression capability helps in faster I/O, replication and backup operations



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