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Dropbox Advanced Business


Dropbox Advanced Business is a subscription plan offered by Dropbox that is designed for larger teams and organizations with more advanced collaboration and security needs. Some key features of Dropbox Advanced Business include:

Increased Storage: Dropbox Advanced Business offers more storage space than standard Dropbox Business plans, typically ranging from 5 TB to unlimited storage, depending on the subscription.

Advanced Collaboration Tools: Dropbox Advanced Business includes advanced collaboration features such as team folders, granular file permissions, and file locking to help teams work together more effectively.

Enhanced Security: Dropbox Advanced Business offers enhanced security features such as advanced user authentication, device approvals, and domain insights to help protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Dedicated Support: Dropbox Advanced Business subscribers have access to dedicated customer support, including priority phone support and a dedicated account manager.

Custom Branding: Dropbox Advanced Business allows organizations to customize the Dropbox interface with their branding, including logos and colors.

Advanced File Recovery and Version History: Dropbox Advanced Business includes advanced file recovery and version history features, allowing users to recover deleted files and access previous versions of files for up to 180 days.

Advanced Sharing Controls: Dropbox Advanced Business offers advanced sharing controls, including password-protected links, expiration dates for shared links, and granular permissions for shared folders.

Dropbox Advanced Business is ideal for larger organizations that require more storage space, advanced collaboration features, and enhanced security controls to meet their business needs