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AzureSubsSrvcesOpn ShrdSvr SNGL SubsVL OLP NL Annual Qlfd


AzureSubsSrvcesOpn ShrdSvr SNGL SubsVL OLP NL Annual Qlfd provides organizations with a flexible and scalable licensing model for accessing Microsoft Azure subscription services specifically for operating shared servers. This allows organizations to leverage cloud computing resources effectively while adhering to licensing terms and requirements.


Azure Subscription Services: This refers to subscription-based access to Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, allowing organizations to utilize various resources and services hosted on the Azure platform.

Operating Shared Servers: Indicates that the subscription is for operating shared servers within the Azure environment. Shared servers typically involve resources that are utilized by multiple users or applications simultaneously.

Single Subscription Volume Licensing (SubsVL): This licensing model provides organizations with a single subscription for volume licensing, enabling them to access Azure services based on their subscription terms and usage requirements.

Open License Program (OLP) No Level: This indicates that the subscription is acquired under the Open License Program without a specific volume level assigned, offering flexibility in licensing terms and volume requirements.

Annual Qualified (Qlfd): Specifies that the subscription is valid for one year and is qualified for renewal based on certain criteria or qualifications established by Microsoft or the licensing agreement.