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BIG-IP Virtual Edition Local Traffic Manager 200 Mbps – 1 year Premium Service


The BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) Local Traffic Manager (LTM) 200 Mbps with 1-year Premium Service is a software-based application delivery controller (ADC) designed to optimize application delivery and ensure high availability and performance for applications.

Key features of the BIG-IP VE LTM 200 Mbps with 1-year Premium Service may include:

Traffic Management: Efficiently distribute incoming traffic across servers to ensure optimal performance and availability of applications.

Application Acceleration: Improve the speed and performance of applications through various acceleration techniques.

Security: Protect applications from threats such as DDoS attacks and secure sensitive data with advanced security features.

Load Balancing: Balance traffic loads across servers to prevent overloading and ensure even distribution of workloads.

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB): Distribute traffic across multiple data centers to improve application availability and performance.

SSL Offloading: Offload SSL/TLS encryption and decryption to improve server performance.

High Availability: Ensure applications remain available even in the event of hardware or software failures.

Premium Service: Includes access to F5 Networks’ premium support services for assistance with configuration, troubleshooting, and optimization