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Altium Designer Perpetual On-Demand (1 year) Single Site License


The Altium Designer Perpetual On-Demand (1 year) Single Site License is a licensing option for Altium Designer, a professional PCB (printed circuit board) design software.

Here’s a breakdown of what this license typically includes:

Altium Designer: The license grants access to Altium Designer, a powerful software suite for electronic design automation (EDA).

Perpetual On-Demand: This license type allows you to use the software perpetually (forever) but with access to updates and support for a duration of one year.

Single Site License: This license is typically limited to use at a single physical location (site) of your company or organization.

Access to Updates: During the one-year period, you will have access to software updates and new features released by Altium.

Support: The license often includes technical support from Altium for troubleshooting and assistance with using the software.

On-Demand Model: The “On-Demand” aspect of the license may refer to the ability to activate and use the software on-demand, rather than needing a physical dongle or hardware key