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TSplus Remote Support


TSplus Remote Support

The Best Alternative to TeamViewer for Remote Desktop control and Screen Sharing. Provide instant Attended or Unattended Remote Assistance to your teams or clients anywhere, at any time.

  • Fully managed backend

  • Affordable subscription

  • For IT and Support Teams


What is TSplus Remote Support?

TSplus Remote Support enables support agents and maintenance teams to provide instant, attended or unattended access to remote PCs, at a price that won’t break your IT budget.

Support agents can securely access remote computers, take control of their mouse and keyboard, access files and applications, and troubleshoot problems. The ideal solution for IT professionals to deliver internal maintenance and for customer support teams to assist remote clients.


How does it work?

TSplus Remote Support enables Windows desktop session sharing to create an encrypted connection between support agents and end-users. Remote Support connection servers are managed by TSplus, with server locations all around the world.


Why TSplus Remote Support?

Provide Unattended Maintenance

Provide remote IT maintenance such as server updates or setting up tools for your colleagues or clients.

Provide Remote Support

Have your support agents assist, support and troubleshoot problems faced by your remote customers.

Provide Remote Training

Use secure multi-user session sharing to remotely train your teams or clients.

Decrease IT cost

Significantly save vs alternative solutions, while benefiting from 100% of the necessary features.


Key features at a glance

Screen Sharing

Take control of the screen, mouse, and keyboard of remote clients.

Multi-agent connections

Allow your agents to join the sessions of their colleagues.


Communicate with remote clients via a simple chat box.

File Transfer

Exchange files with remote clients.


Change the language of the remote assistance interface.

Send commands

Send ctrl+alt+del keyboard command or start Task Manager.


Change the displayed monitor should clients have several screens.

Clipboard Synchronization

Copy and paste information on the remote computer.