Workspace ONE UEM Deployment – MDM / Email



Workspace ONE UEM Deployment – MDM / Email

The Workspace ONE UEM Deployment – MDM/Email service bundle provides setup assistance for customers who have purchased AirWatch Green, AirWatch Orange or Workspace ONE Standard licenses. The service will familiarize customers with the basics of the VMware AirWatch platform including basic infrastructure, Personal Information Management, security policies, application management and device enrollment. VMware AirWatch will assist with the configuration of the Enterprise Services Connector (ESC),  Secure Email Gateway (SEG)* and Email Notification Service (ENS)* as part of this service bundle.

Setup of VMware Identity Manager or the Workspace ONE portal is considered out of scope of this service.

The service is delivered remotely through conference calls and screen-sharing sessions.

* Secure Email Gateway (SEG) and Email Notification Service (ENS) are only included if the customer has purchased AirWatch Orange or add-on VMware Boxer licenses.

Services Included

  • Review of associated pre-requisites
  • Implementation of Workspace ONE servers
  • Directory Services Integration
  • Personal Information Management (PIM) – email, contacts and calendar
  • Security policies –enrollment restrictions, compliance policies, privacy policies, terms of use
  • Application management–public, internal, VPP application
  • Setup Unified Application Catalog
  • MDM enrollment strategy (compliance policies, security restrictions, remote device management)
  • Includes High Availability for up to 16 servers




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