Rsam ITGRCBond



Rsam ITGRCBond

Workflow-based IT risk and compliance management software that streamlines IT assessment activity.

Why choose ITGRCBond?

  1. Automate manual tasks for a more effective, streamlined assessment program in a centrally managed platform.
  2. Control costs and save time by creating repeatable processes.
  3. Get a complete view of risk and compliance posture by geography, line of business, and domain, in easy-to-create dashboards, reports, and storyboards.
  4. Increase accuracy and accountability of assessment data through pre-built prescriptive control content and response audit trails.
  5. Easily manage an inventory of risks and controls for multiple use cases including CISO Dashboards, risk register, and findings/issue management.

Built-in compliance content

  • Use harmonized and strict content from authoritative domains like NIST and ISO.
  • Map content to custom questionnaires to create a corporate compliance standard.
  • View dynamic drag-and-drop dashboards by geography, line of business, compliance standard, and workflow status.
  • Manage content creation lifecycles with workflows.

Classification methodology

  • Identify various applicable regulations and compliance areas.
  • Gather meta data around assessment objects.
  • Create user-configurable workflows that are simple and flexible.
  • Rest assured with real-time notifications, alerts, and escalations for the entire assessment lifecycle.
  • Configure your own standardized weighting methodology or use the out-of-the-box scoring.

Identification of gaps

  • Automatically identify gaps within your assessments and centrally collect remediation plans, risk acceptance, and compensating controls.
  • Dynamically assign mitigation plans on any criteria like role, geography, and line of business.
  • Use multiple workflows that can be automatically deployed based on your own business logic.
  • Create custom user views to bring roles directly into prioritized work queues.



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