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WinSvrSTDCore 2019 OLP 16Lic NL Gov CoreLic


Windows Server Standard Core 2019 license under the Microsoft Open License Program for government entities. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements:

WinSvrSTDCore 2019: Microsoft Windows Server Standard Core 2019, which is a version of Windows Server that offers basic server functionality.

OLP: Open License Program, which is a volume licensing program offered by Microsoft for businesses and government entities.

16Lic: Sixteen Licenses, indicating that the license includes sixteen core licenses for Windows Server Standard Core 2019.

NL: Non-specific language, meaning it can be used with any language version of Windows Server Standard Core 2019.

Gov: Government, indicating that the license is for government entities.

CoreLic: Core License, which means the license is based on the number of processor cores in the server