Verastream Host Integrator



Map and model host apps

Use a graphical point-and-click design tool to abstract host functions in component form. Once you’ve created a working model of the host application, you can use Connectors including Java or break it down into functional services that can be mixed, matched, and reused to build entirely new solutions.

Automate integration steps

The Verastream web builder reduces development cycles by automatically generating terminal screens that render on any device. The web builder also auto-generates host-based services that can form the backbone of custom applications.

Troubleshoot components

Use a full range of Verastream debugging tools to test-run your new components. A navigator depicts typical usage paths for specified host screens, a session monitor shows the results of user actions, and a validator automatically checks key component elements to verify proper performance.

Manage the process

A simple interface allows you to centrally configure, deploy, and manage your models and procedures. You also get end-to-end security with TLS 1.2 and SSH support for both client and host communications.

Scale legacy Extra! solutions

With support for legacy Extra! object APIs, you can quickly migrate your custom Windows applications built over Extra! COM and Enterprise Access Objects to Verastream’s scalable, centralized, and high performance server architecture.



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