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Ubuntu Advantage For Infrastructure Standard


Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure Standard is a subscription-based service that provides enterprise-grade support and tools for Ubuntu-based infrastructure, enabling organizations to deploy and manage Ubuntu-based systems with confidence.

Key Features:

  1. Enterprise-Grade Support: Offers 24/7 support with a 2-hour response time, including phone, email, and web support.
  2. Security Updates and Patches: Provides access to security updates and patches, ensuring systems are protected from known vulnerabilities.
  3. Kernel Live Patching: Enables kernel live patching, allowing for kernel updates without requiring a reboot.
  4. FIPS and Common Criteria Certification: Includes FIPS and Common Criteria certification, ensuring compliance with major security standards.
  5. Landscape Systems Management: Offers Landscape systems management, providing a centralized console for managing Ubuntu-based systems.


  • Provides enterprise-grade support with rapid response times for critical issues
  • Ensures systems are protected from known vulnerabilities with security updates and patches
  • Enables kernel live patching for reduced downtime and improved security
  • Meets compliance requirements with FIPS and Common Criteria certification
  • Offers centralized systems management with Landscape