TrustArc Data Inventory Hub



TrustArc Data Inventory Hub

Create a detailed, up to date inventory of data collected along with visual data flow maps of all business processes. Leverage the proven data inventory best practices engineered into the system to record information about the data collected, and generate compliance reports, including GDPR Article 30 records of processing activities (ROPA). The secure solution creates an actionable data inventory and map of data flows across your business, helping minimize compliance risk and meet privacy regulatory requirements. Use Intelligence Engine to automatically detect high-risk processing and determine the need to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

rustArc Data Inventory Hub Features

Intelligent Workflow

Streamlined workflow based on two decades of privacy management experience guides the process to create an inventory, data flow maps and compliance reports.

Comprehensive Data Inventory

Quickly and easily create a secure, centralized, sustainable data inventory of all IT systems, vendors, organizations and metadata information.

Visual Data Flow Maps

Automate transforming complicated business process and data inventory information into informative data flow maps leveraging built in collaboration tools.

Connected Capabilities

Integrate with internal and external systems to streamline metadata input and use of data inventory information to power privacy program processes and controls.

Automated Risk Analysis

Automatically detect high risk processing and determine the need to conduct a DPIA and other privacy assessments.

Reliable Reporting

Easily generate compliance reports, including GDPR Article 30 records of processing activities (ROPA) and business process summaries for internal and external use.

Actionable Dashboard

Monitor the status of privacy KPIs along with regulatory updates through the centralized, configurable dashboard.

End to End Privacy Management

Part of the TrustArc Platform which manages all phases of privacy compliance, including assessments, data inventory & mapping, vendor risk, cookie consent, DSARs and much more.



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