TrustArc Ads Compliance Manager


TrustArc Ads Compliance Manager

A comprehensive technology solution that overcomes the challenges of addressing consumer privacy opt-outs across any platform, device, real-time bidding (RTB) technology, or cookie/non-cookie environment. Whether you are an advertiser/ad network running Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) ads, or a publisher allowing data collection for OBA purposes on your website, Ads Compliance Manager is your one-stop solution.

TrustArc Ads Compliance Manager Features

Online Reporting

Reporting includes the number of impressions, AdChoices clicks, click-through Rates, and opt-out selections.

Browser Language Settings Detection

Cutting edge technology makes creating a secure, centralized inventory fast and sustainable.

Technology Infrastructure

Our simple, scalable and flexible solutions sit on top of solid infrastructure that serves billions of impressions each month.

Tag Generator

With a few simple clicks you can create new tags or make changes to existing ones.

EDAA Privacy Verification

TrustArc is also an authorized EDAA Trust Seal Certification provider. For more information, visit EDAA Certification.

End to End Privacy Management

Part of the TrustArc Platform which manages all phases of privacy compliance, including assessments, data inventory & mapping, vendor risk, cookie consent, DSARs and much more.



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