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SysMan Utilities is an advanced, easy-to-use remote administration tool that offers extensive management capabilities on servers and PCs in your network, with centralized management of multiple admins available in the Professional Edition.
  • 30-Day Free Trial!
  • Includes SysMan Remote Control
  • Licensed per admin – all clients are free!
  • Remotely access/manage PCs and servers from a single console
  • Secure encrypted connection
  • Easy Active Directory Management
  • Delegate various levels of access to multiple admin profiles
  • Centralized Audit Database with Audit Browser
  • Easy delegation by use of profiles and tokens

All-in-One Single Console Management

The SysMan Utilities console puts remote management of all your Windows machines at your finger tips. Day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting becomes much easier as it can be initiated from a single console, rather than through the typical cumbersome process of opening multiple windows and using multiple Windows tools.

Perform Actions Across Multiple Computers Simultaneously

SysMan Utilities provides the option to first select the tool you want to use and then apply that tool to a single computer or multiple computers. Typical solutions require you to select a computer first before choosing a tool to perform an action.

Only SysMan Utilities lets you perform a single action on multiple computers, rather than requiring repeated actions across multiple computers.

Vertical and Horizontal Filtering

Typical solutions only allow you to sort a column. SysMan Utilities allows you to apply a filter to isolate Windows services configured for specific actions that also have a specific status. Only the rows that match the criteria are shown.

Refine the column layout to reveal the significance of retrieved data. Various predefined layouts are available for all displays and these layouts can be customized to your own needs.

Plus, with SysMan Utilities, you can modify, create, save, export and share your own custom filters.

Saved Sessions

SysMan’s exclusive Saved Sessions lets you save sessions for various machines (different display windows) and open them up at a later time with a single click, saving valuable time. The display windows are opened automatically with real data.

Saving and restoring sessions is a considerable advantage for any administrative tasks which you expect to perform more than once.

Audit Browser

All management actions are recorded in an Audit Log giving details of who made the changes, what changes were made on which machines, and when those changes took place.

Before and after states of each transaction are recorded and made available for subsequent browsing and reporting.

SysMan is unique in writing all actions in the audit database, which is a private database for the actual user.

Advanced Exporting Capability

SysMan has a unique exporting capability in that all outputs in the application can be exported to a friendly form in various formats: HTML, Excel, Word, text and email.

Seamless End User Support

SysMan Utilities includes SysMan Remote Control.  Use SysMan Remote Control to remotely drive PC and server desktops across your network. Remote desktops and terminal server sessions are completely under your supervision. Without having to leave your desk, SysMan Remote Control allows you to perform remote assistance and administrative tasks, as well on attended as on unattended machines.

With the included SysMan Remote Control console, communicating with and providing support can be as easy as if you were sitting next to your end user. Features include:

  • Built-in chat for shared sessions
  • One-click saving of screenshots from the remote machine
  • Shared sessions and screens
  • Simple file transfer

Additional Features in Professional Edition

Multiple Admins with Access Permissions

SysMan Utilities Professional Edition lets you centrally manage multiple user admin accounts. Each admin can be assigned different access permissions for task delegation.

Centralized Administration

Permissions and preferences of all SysMan Utilities Professional Edition user admins are all kept at the central SysMan Centralized Authorization Server.

Admins will find and be able to manage the same personal preferences, list of manual connections, favorites, labels and stored credentials in their SysMan user admin account from each connected SysMan client.

Centralized Audit Log

All admins’ management activities are recorded in SysMan Utilities Professional Edition’s Centralized Audit Log giving details of who made the changes, what changes were made on which machines, and when those changes took place.

Before and after states of each transaction are recorded and made available for subsequent browsing and reporting.


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