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Symbolic Math Toolbox Academic



Symbolic Math Toolbox Academic is a MATLAB toolbox developed by MathWorks, designed for symbolic mathematical computations and calculus.

Key Features:

  1. Symbolic Math: Performs symbolic math operations, including differentiation, integration, and equation solving.
  2. Calculus: Supports calculus operations, such as limits, series, and differential equations.
  3. Linear Algebra: Offers linear algebra operations, including matrix operations and eigenvalue decomposition.
  4. Equation Solving: Solves algebraic and differential equations, including systems of equations.
  5. Visualization: Provides visualization tools for plotting and graphing symbolic math results.


  • Robust symbolic math capabilities for advanced mathematical computations
  • Comprehensive calculus capabilities for limits, series, and differential equations
  • Efficient linear algebra operations for matrix manipulation and eigenvalue decomposition
  • Powerful equation solving capabilities for algebraic and differential equations
  • Ideal for academic research, teaching, and student projects in mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science