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Supertree is a software tool for constructing and analyzing phylogenetic supertrees, which are trees that combine information from multiple source trees.

Key Features:

  1. Supertree Construction: Constructs supertrees from multiple source trees, using a variety of methods such as matrix representation with parsimony (MRP) and matrix representation with likelihood (MRL).
  2. Tree Visualization: Visualizes supertrees and source trees, allowing for easy comparison and analysis.
  3. Tree Editing: Allows for editing of supertrees and source trees, including pruning, grafting, and rooting.
  4. Phylogenetic Analysis: Performs phylogenetic analysis on supertrees, including calculating branch lengths, rooting, and testing for monophyly.


  1. Combines Multiple Trees: Combines information from multiple source trees, providing a more comprehensive view of phylogenetic relationships.
  2. Improves Tree Accuracy: Improves the accuracy of phylogenetic trees by combining information from multiple sources.
  3. Saves Time: Saves time by automating the process of constructing and analyzing supertrees.
  4. Easy to Use: Is easy to use, even for those without extensive phylogenetic analysis experience
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