Command Structure

The Supertree command structure is similar to Sensitivity. Common menu items can also be selected from a convenient toolbar located just under the menu.

The ability to manipulate, change, reorder, and perform probabilistic and risk attitude sensitivity tests makes Supertree an extremely powerful analytic tool. Like Sensitivity, Supertree is most often linked to spreadsheet models to calculate tree values.

Easy to Use

The display shows a sample decision tree prepared for Supertree input. Most nodes need to be entered only one time. Dependent nodes (probability, outcome, or both) are handled easily, without the need for duplicating entries.

After entry, the model can be displayed in decision tree, schematic tree, or a condensed tabular form for easy review of large trees.


Choice of Output Plots

A myriad of analyses can be performed with Supertree. Distributions can be plotted in histogram or cumulative probability form. Results are available in tabular form and can be exported into other graphics software packages. Single or multiple plots can be made at any node, combination of nodes, or for the entire tree.

Supertree also displays the sensitivity of the model to probabilities and risk attitude.


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