Accelerate processes in release and build management

Provides consistent visibility into all software lifecycle release artifacts. Stakeholders can easily navigate to any point in time to obtain and manipulate state of play for any configuration, or to determine updates.

Secured collaboration from anywhere in the world

StarTeam connects development teams, whether they are co-located or geographically distributed across the globe. Stakeholders benefit from central control and visibility provided by a single repository.

Integrated Enterprise class version control

StarTeam offers enterprise-class version control. Use the extendable repository to track and manage change to a wide range of development assets including source-files, change requests, defects, tasks, and more.

End-to-end impact monitoring

Understand every build and release at a glance. StarTeam supports the ability to create automated builds and generate release reports. It also maintains a data warehouse (DataMart) for comprehensive data analytics and decision support.

Improved management of requirements, tasks, and source files

All requirements, tasks, and relevant source files are brought directly to developers and managed within their IDE. StarTeam’s Workflow Designer enables users to design the best set of processes and rules for software delivery.



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