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SQLyog Ultimate



SQLyog Ultimate is a comprehensive database management tool designed to help developers, administrators, and database architects manage and optimize MySQL and MariaDB databases.

Key Features:

  1. Database Design: Offers a visual interface for designing and modeling databases, making it easy to create and manage database structures.
  2. SQL Editor: Provides a powerful SQL editor with features like syntax highlighting, code completion, and query optimization.
  3. Database Administration: Offers tools for administering databases, including user management, backup and recovery, and performance monitoring.
  4. Data Modeling: Supports data modeling, allowing users to create and manage entity-relationship diagrams and database schemas.
  5. SQL Debugger: Includes a SQL debugger for debugging and optimizing SQL queries.
  6. Data Synchronization: Supports data synchronization between multiple databases, making it easy to keep data in sync.
  7. Reporting and Analytics: Offers reporting and analytics tools, allowing users to generate reports and analyze database performance