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SQLSvrStd 2019 SNGL OLP NL Acdmc


SQLSvrStd 2019 SNGL OLP NL Acdmc refers to a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition Single Open License Program (OLP) No Level Academic licensing model. Here’s a description of the product:

Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2019 is a comprehensive relational database management system (RDBMS) designed for organizations of various sizes to store, query, and analyze their data. This edition, licensed under the Single OLP No Level Academic model, is specifically tailored for academic institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities.

Key features :


Robust Database Engine:

SQL Server Standard 2019 provides a powerful database engine that supports structured query language (SQL) queries, enabling users to efficiently store and retrieve data.

Data Security:

With advanced security features such as encryption, authentication, and access control, SQL Server Standard 2019 helps protect sensitive data against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Scalability and Performance:

SQL Server Standard 2019 is designed to scale with the growing needs of organizations, providing high performance and reliability for mission-critical workloads.

Business Intelligence:

The integrated business intelligence (BI) features in SQL Server Standard 2019 enable organizations to gain insights from their data through reporting, analysis, and data visualization tools.

Flexible Licensing:

The Single OLP No Level Academic licensing model offers flexibility for academic institutions to purchase and manage software licenses according to their specific needs and budget constraints.

Overall, SQL Server Standard 2019 SNGL OLP NL Acdmc provides academic institutions with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for managing their data, enabling them to support teaching, learning, and research activities effectively.