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Data Privacy Management Framework

What if you could automatically and persistently discover, classify, understand, control, and protect sensitive data in a way that ensured compliance but also allowed for business agility? With Spirion, you can. Check out our 2-minute video that explains how Spirion’s Data Privacy Management Framework helps protect your organization.

Managing massive amounts of organizational data are a standard and necessary part of doing business today. Using and owning disparate, sensitive data of this size brings great responsibility and a moral obligation to protect it. In response to numerous cybersecurity incidents, organizations must now focus on both cyber and privacy risk – the intersection at which true data privacy management lies. Spirion sits squarely at this crossroads.

By layering discovery, persistent classification, compliance and data analytics capabilities on top of our proven technology, we bring the data privacy engine required for the protection of your sensitive data assets. As individuals and the governments that represent them demand greater control over personal data, Security Operations Centers will evolve into Security & Privacy Operations Centers. Spirion is leading the data privacy revolution with solutions designed to enable our customers to most accurately discover and classify sensitive data, understand the data within the context of their business, and take actions to control it so they can operate with minimal friction and comply with the laws and regulations built to protect the personal data privacy of individuals across the globe.


Spirion’s data discovery breadth and depth finds all structured and unstructured data on networks, clouds, remote file servers, and all endpoints. Accurate discovery fortifies security programs by setting the stage for optimized data classification and protection, which reduces the risks of non-compliance penalties and reputational damages. Spirion’s industry-leading discovery technique, AnyFind, searches your entire estate to identify sensitive data with 98% accuracy and the lowest false-positive rate in the industry.

Product Features

Spirion will help your organization:

  • Understand your complete data landscape with enterprise-strength accuracy to reduce lapses in security
  • Eliminate false-negatives and -positives that disrupt business workflow, security, and compliance
  • Minimize your analysts’ time spent locating an ever-expanding big data footprint


Intelligent, persistent data classification with Spirion allows organizations to understand the types and locations of all sensitive data across their networks and clouds in all. This higher level of classification capabilities ensures that only appropriate parties can access the data even as the data moves throughout the organization while simultaneously informing other data protection controls.

Product Features

Spirion will help your organization:

  • Automate data classification throughout the data lifecycle for both optimal protection and user access
  • Ensure only appropriate staff members can access critical and sensitive data
  • Minimize analysts’ time spent applying data compliance and security rules and human error risks


Once an organization is cognizant of its data inventory it’s free to make strategic decisions within the context of the business. With our comprehensive and intuitive approach for command and control of all structured and unstructured data an organization is enabled to operationalize the data, foster organizational productivity, conduct historical reviews and analysis, and ensure competitiveness and privacy data protection at the same time.

Product Features

With Spirion, your organization will have:

  • Comprehensive and intuitive approach for command and control of your structured and unstructured data.
  • A monitoring bridge between scans using Sensitive Data Watcher™ assures constant and consistent data protection and management.
  • Efficient and effective control with thorough access, visualization and reporting of sensitive data at the business unit, endpoint and user level both on premise and in the cloud


Spirion’s data protection capabilities provide the support needed to achieve an ideal level of protection based on both compliance rules and organizations’ internal guidelines. Achieving this perfect balance reduces the data footprint and lowers the risks of legal and reputational damage. To secure unprotected data from creation to retirement requires having mechanisms in place for the proper remediation of all sensitive data. Control includes file shredding, redaction, quarantine, reduction of access rights, 3rd Party controls and more.

Product Features

With Spirion, your organization will

  • Reduce regulatory non-compliance risks with continuous, high-strength data protection
  • Integrate preferred data security solutions, including DLP, IRM/DRM, SIEM, firewalls, and encryption
  • Empower your organization to become a trusted data steward


Drivers behind intensifying data protection include an explosion of laws and frameworks that attempt to protect personal data; confusion regarding which department is responsible for which requirements; and high-profile data breaches caused by vulnerabilities that fall through the cracks. Spirion delivers critical compliance capabilities to help organizations comply with the most stringent regulations. Once located, data protection professionals can place the data in an inventory and run reports as well as produce Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) and Subject Rights Request (SRR) request information that demonstrate protection. Once data has been classified, controls such as data loss prevention and next-generation firewalls can read the classification labels and protect the data, helping to fortify the company for cyberattacks and losses.

Product Features

Spirion will help your organization:

  • Gain critical insight on the type of data discovered and classified across your organization
  • Understand where all sensitive data is located and how it’s being protected
  • Make regulatory compliance a proactive aspect of your business operation


Spirion Platform Architecture

Our scalable and versatile platform uses multiple layers of security to support well-understood enterprise needs to power the privacy revolution.

Spirion Platform Architecture

SPIRION is the most critical first step toward data privacy and security. When it comes to protecting what matters, you don’t want fast and easy; you want accurate and persistent. By accurately pinpointing your sensitive data and classifying it within your business context, SPIRION empowers your entire data security and privacy strategy.

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