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Hyper LINGO 19



Hyper LINGO 19 is a software program developed by LINDO Systems, Inc. that provides optimization and modeling capabilities for linear, nonlinear, and integer programming problems. It is designed to help users formulate and solve complex optimization problems in various fields such as operations research, management science, engineering, and economics.

Some key features of Hyper LINGO 19 include:

  1. Modeling Environment: Hyper LINGO 19 provides a user-friendly modeling environment where users can formulate optimization models using a high-level modeling language.
  2. Solver Engine: Hyper LINGO 19 includes a powerful solver engine that can efficiently solve linear, nonlinear, and integer programming problems, including large-scale problems with thousands of variables and constraints.
  3. Sensitivity Analysis: Hyper LINGO 19 allows users to perform sensitivity analysis to study the impact of changes in model parameters on the optimal solution.
  4. Scenario Analysis: Hyper LINGO 19 supports scenario analysis, allowing users to evaluate different scenarios and compare their outcomes to make informed decisions.
  5. Integration: Hyper LINGO 19 can be integrated with other software tools and languages, such as Excel, MATLAB, and Python, to enhance its functionality and facilitate data exchange.
  6. Reporting and Visualization: Hyper LINGO 19 includes tools for generating reports and visualizing optimization results, making it easier for users to understand and communicate their findings.

Overall, Hyper LINGO 19 is a comprehensive optimization software package that provides a wide range of features and capabilities for solving complex optimization problems. It is used by researchers, analysts, and practitioners in various industries to optimize processes, improve decision-making, and achieve better outcomes