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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor SLX (unlimited elements-Standard Polling Throughput) – Annual Subscription


SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor SLX is a powerful network monitoring solution suitable for large enterprises or service providers, offering comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities for complex networks

Product: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

Licensing Level: SLX, which includes unlimited monitoring of network elements (devices, interfaces, etc.)

Subscription Type: Annual subscription, meaning you pay for the software on a yearly basis

Polling Throughput: Standard Polling Throughput, which determines the rate at which NPM collects data from monitored devices

Features: Includes advanced features like network performance monitoring, real-time alerts, network mapping, customizable reports, and more

Benefits: Helps IT teams monitor and manage large-scale networks, identify and troubleshoot network issues, and optimize performance

Support: Subscription typically includes access to software updates and technical support from SolarWinds

Deployment: Can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, depending on your organization’s needs

Scalability: SolarWinds NPM SLX is highly scalable and can handle large networks with ease, allowing you to add more elements as needed