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RocFall2 is a rockfall analysis software developed by Rocscience, designed to help geotechnical engineers and professionals assess and mitigate rockfall hazards. Key Features:

  • Rockfall Analysis: Perform comprehensive rockfall analysis, including impact energy calculations and trajectory simulations, using RocFall2’s powerful analysis engine.
  • Unlimited Models and Simulations: Create and analyze an unlimited number of rockfall models and simulations, without any restrictions.
  • Advanced Analysis Tools: Use features like spectral analysis, user-defined block shapes, and block mode to accurately model and analyze different rockfall scenarios.
  • Visualization and Reporting: Visualize your results in 2D and 3D, and generate detailed reports and plots to communicate your findings effectively.
  • Integration with Other Rocscience Tools: Seamlessly integrate RocFall2 with other Rocscience tools, such as Slide2 and Unwedge, for a comprehensive geotechnical analysis workflow