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Easy to use cloud-based platform that allows users to collect, prepare and analyze data. In a secure environment perform data analysis, apply tests and check the results with the help of our tips & hits. – Robust Statistical Tests – Advanced Modeling techniques – Guidelines to interpret your results – Deploy/Share your analysis in multiple formats


Feature :

  • Create Analytical Projects
  • Unlimited number of Analytical Projects
  • Data Gathering
  • Import Files (.csv, .xlsx, .sav, .txt)
  • Up to 100MB Storage
  • Data Preparation
  • Compute New Variables
  • Reverse Items
  • Filter Data
  • Analytical Arena
  • Test differences between 2 or more groups (T-Test, One-Way Anova, Mann-Whitney, Kruskall Wallis)
  • Linear Regression
  • Binomial Logistic Regression
  • Chi-Square Test, Simple Correspondence Analysis
  • Factor Analysis and Principal Component Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis: Elbow-Curve, K-Means algorithm
  • Outlier Detection (Univariate based on mean or mad; Local Outlier Factor (LOF))
  • Reliability Analysis (Cronbach’s alpha, Guttman’s Lambda 6 (G6), Composite Reliability)
  • Analytical Tips & Hits
  • Save Reports into Portal
  • Export Results (.xls, .doc)


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