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Proteus PCB Design Level 2+


Proteus PCB Design Level 2+ offers an enhanced version of the features included in Level 2, with a notable increase in design capacity and pin count. Here’s a detailed overview:


  • Like other Proteus PCB Design Software, Level 2+ combines schematic capture and PCB layout modules, catering to both professionals and educators.
  • Maintains ease of use while offering more advanced features for complex PCB designs.

Key Features:

  • A substantial increase in design capacity, accommodating up to 2000 pins, twice the amount supported by Level 2.
  • Designed for more intricate and dense PCB projects, while retaining the functionality and ease of use of previous levels.
  • Offers all the features of Proteus PCB Design Level 2 and adds to the design capacity.
  • Allows for increased complexity in PCB designs due to the higher pin count