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Proteus PCB Design Level 1+


Proteus PCB Design Software Level 1+ offers an elevated experience compared to the standard Level 1, with an increased pin count of 2000, allowing for more complex and dense PCB designs. Here’s a detailed overview:


  • Like Level 1, Level 1+ combines the schematic capture and ARES PCB layout programs, providing a powerful and integrated suite of tools for professional PCB design.
  • Includes assembly variants for product configuration, professional PCB layout, layer stackup management, and full design rule management.
  • Offers global shape-based autorouting and customizable BOM reporting.

Key Features:

  • Increased pin count of 2000, enabling more complex and dense designs.
  • Advanced design capacity supports up to 2000 pins in the netlist.
  • Includes all the capabilities and features of Proteus PCB Design Level 1.