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Perpetual IBM SPSS AMOS ver 27


Perpetual IBM SPSS AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structures) version 27 is a statistical software package used for structural equation modeling (SEM). It is part of the IBM SPSS Statistics software suite and is designed for researchers and analysts in various fields, including psychology, sociology, education, and business.

Key features of IBM SPSS AMOS version 27 include:

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): Allows users to test and estimate complex models with both observed and latent variables.

Path Analysis: Enables users to analyze direct and indirect relationships between variables in a model.

Model Fit Statistics: Provides various fit indices (e.g., Chi-square, RMSEA, CFI) to assess the goodness of fit of the model to the data.

Graphical User Interface (GUI): Offers a user-friendly interface for building, editing, and running SEM models without the need for programming.

Output Viewer: Displays detailed results of the SEM analysis, including model parameters, fit indices, and standardized coefficients.

Integration with IBM SPSS Statistics: Allows users to import data from SPSS Statistics and perform SEM analysis directly.

Model Modification: Enables users to modify and refine the model based on analysis results and theoretical considerations.

Support for Advanced Modeling Techniques: Supports advanced modeling techniques such as mediation analysis, moderation analysis, and multi-group analysis