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PDQ Deploy Enterprise Mode


PDQ Deploy Enterprise Mode is a comprehensive software deployment and management solution designed for large-scale enterprise environments.

Key Features:

  1. Software Deployment: Deploys software applications, patches, and updates to Windows computers across the network.
  2. Centralized Management: Provides a centralized console for managing software deployments, reports, and inventory.
  3. Automated Deployments: Automates software deployments, reducing manual effort and minimizing downtime.
  4. Customizable: Customizable to meet specific business needs, with support for custom scripts and packages.

Enterprise Mode Features:

  1. Multi-Site Support: Supports multiple sites, allowing for centralized management of software deployments across distributed environments.
  2. Role-Based Access Control: Provides role-based access control, ensuring that only authorized personnel can perform specific tasks.
  3. Advanced Reporting: Offers advanced reporting capabilities, including customizable reports and dashboards.
  4. Integration with PDQ Inventory: Integrates with PDQ Inventory, providing a comprehensive view of hardware and software assets.


  1. Streamlined Software Management: Streamlines software management, reducing administrative burden and improving efficiency.
  2. Improved Security: Improves security by ensuring timely deployment of patches and updates.
  3. Increased Productivity: Increases productivity by automating software deployments and reducing downtime