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Optitex 3D



Optitex 3D is a powerful 3D design and visualization software specifically tailored for the fashion, textile, and upholstery industries. It’s an innovative tool that enables designers, pattern makers, and manufacturers to create, visualize, and interact with 3D models of garments, fabrics, and textiles.

Key Features:

  • 3D Design: Optitex 3D allows users to create 3D models of garments, fabrics, and textiles, enabling the design and visualization of complex designs and patterns.
  • Fabric Simulation: The software simulates the behavior of fabrics, taking into account factors such as draping, folding, and stretching, to create realistic and accurate 3D models.
  • Pattern Making: Optitex 3D includes advanced pattern making tools, enabling users to create accurate and efficient patterns for production.
  • Visualization: The software provides a range of visualization tools, including 3D rendering, animation, and virtual try-on, to enable users to interact with and present their designs in a realistic and engaging way.
  • Collaboration: Optitex 3D enables seamless collaboration between designers, pattern makers, and manufacturers, streamlining the design-to-production process.


  • Increased Efficiency: Optitex 3D streamlines the design-to-production process, reducing the time and effort required to create and perfect designs.
  • Improved Accuracy: The software’s advanced pattern making and fabric simulation capabilities ensure accurate and efficient production, reducing errors and waste.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Optitex 3D enables designers to explore new and innovative designs, taking advantage of the unique possibilities offered by 3D design and visualization.
  • Cost Savings: The software helps reduce costs by minimizing the need for physical prototypes and samples, and by optimizing fabric usage and production processes