Open Workgroup Suite


Why Open Workgroup Suite?

With Micro Focus Open Workgroup Suite (formerly Novell® Open Workgroup Suite), you get seven products from one line-item. Improve productivity and cut costs with Open Workgroup Suite, which includes the essential productivity tools for your end users and the top endpoint management tools for their devices. It provides a secure, flexible, and cost-effective IT infrastructure and collaboration tools. With this suite, you get:

  • Everything to operate your business
  • Easy to manage licensing
  • File, print, and network management
  • Device and configuration management
  • Email, messaging, and collaboration


Open Workgroup Suite Products

Open Workgroup Suite is a suite of seven products. Discounts are available upon purchase of the whole suite.

Open Enterprise Server

Deliver advanced file, print, and networking services for your enterprise, including centralized server management and secure file sharing and storage.


Access files, data, network folders and other documents with less risk and simpler implementation.


Provide secure email, instant messaging, calendaring, contact management, and task management, all with mobile synchronization.

Micro Focus iPrint

Offers a single, scalable solution for managing all of your printing across multiple office locations from any device.


Collaborate more easily by storing, organizing, and sharing all information related to a specific project in a secure, online workspace.

ZENworks Configuration Management

Automates the lifecycle management of desktops, laptops and mobile devices so you can dramatically reduce TCO, and ensure all configurations comply with corporate policies.

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

Control client security remotely with a strong firewall, secure removable storage, and safe encryption policies.



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