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About Nevron Writer

Nevron Writer is the best alternative to Microsoft Word you can find. Developed based on innovative technology it is the only text processor that looks and behaves identically under Windows and Mac.

Nevron Writer is a modern text processor that delivers fast and robust text processing for a wide variety of text formats. The main design goal is to provide you with an intuitive and comprehensive text model which is very similar to HTML, but with extensions specific to text processing associated with printed media – header and footer, columns etc. Here are some of its most notable features:

100% identical under Windows and Mac

No more missing features when you switch machines. No more wondering if you’ll be able to create the same documents again. And most of all – no more having to find where this or that feature is located when you change from Windows to Mac or vice-versa. Because Nevron Writer is 100% identical under Windows and Mac!

Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Office and many others

You don’t have to worry about the documents you create or receive – Nevron Writer fully supports Microsoft Word latest format DOCX! But that’s definitely not all: with Nevron Writer you can open, edit and save TXT, RTF, HTML, EPUB and even export PDF files!

Formatting more advanced than Microsoft Word – yes, that’s true!

The formatting features of Nevron Writer can turn your documents into a real masterpiece! Nevron Writer allows you to apply virtually any type of color fill on each part of your documents, use hatch for text, control the transparency on any filling type, use advanced gradient fill similar to what can be achieved in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and a lot more! Check out Nevron Writer’s Features page for more information!

A visual web designer (in a way)

Nevron Writer overpasses its competition with one unique feature: based on HTML and CSS, it allows you to save a document as a web page with either embedded or inline CSS formatting. What does this mean: if you want to demonstrate to your web designer what exactly it is that you want – simply draft it with Nevron Writer and send it! Your designer will be able to extract the code he needs and save hours and hours of work!

You can also use Nevron Writer to create highlighted areas for your blogs everywhere where direct HTML input is allowed – Blogger, WordPress,, Squarespace and many others. Check our How To section for detailed information about this feature!

Nevron Writer speaks your language

With support for BIDI (right to left) text and mixed text (Latin and Arabic) as well as export to PDF for text containing complex scripts, Nevron Writer won’t let you down.

Fast, faster, the fastest

Nevron Writer is approximately five times faster than Microsoft Word in both RTF import and layout processing speed. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

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