Netsparker Standard Edition



Netsparker’s Exclusive Proof-BasedTM Scanning Technology Allows You to Allocate More Time to Fix the Reported Flaws

Netsparker automatically exploits the identified security vulnerabilities in a read-only and safe way and also produces a proof of exploit. Therefore you can immediately see the impact of the web application vulnerability and be sure it is not a false positive, so you do not have to waste hours manually verifying the scan results.

Netsparker’s Website Vulnerability Scanner Finds More Vulnerabilities

Both the on-premises and hosted editions of Netsparker utilize a unique scanning technology that has better coverage and finds more security vulnerabilities than any other web application vulnerability scanners, as proven when tested in head to head independent comparison tests. During a web security scan, Netsparker also checks the web server. It has server configuration checks for open source web servers such as Apache and Nginx which run on Linux, and IIS which runs on Microsoft Windows, to ensure there are no misconfigurations that might lead to security issues.

Netsparker Allows You to Automate More

The primary goal of a web application security scanner is to eliminate the repetitive drudgery of application security testing, leaving you free to use your skills in areas where you make a real difference. Netsparker boasts an arsenal of automated security tools that get straight to the point, providing users with the precise information. It also has its own vulnerability management solution or can be integrated with third party ones so you can automate most of the post-scan processes and ease the vulnerability triaging process.


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