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NetIQ Identity Manager




Comprehensive support for security and compliance

NetIQ Identity Manager enforces consistent access controls across physical, virtual and cloud networks. Our detailed, dynamic reports let you prove it.


Instant propagation

Worried that terminating an employee may lead to an attack? When a user’s status is entered into a system such as HR, Identity Manager immediately changes his or her privileges and propagates them across all your linked applications.


Complete control

Identity Manager maps user privileges across numerous systems to user identities, leveraging your existing policies, no matter how highly customized. Business managers gain a complete view of a user’s privileges and can make informed decisions about any provisioning request.


Integration with SIEM and access management

Identity Manager seamlessly fits into your security infrastructure. It integrates with most third-party security information and event management (SIEM) solutions and Sentinel Enterprise through a standards-based and structured-event service.


Automated provisioning for easier administration

Identity Manager centralizes access administration and ensures every user has one identity—from your physical and virtual networks to the cloud.


Easy reporting—especially for audits

Identity Manager provides a comprehensive reporting framework that allows you to create reports showing who has access to what at all times, including complete historical records. You can also save queries to prove your business enforces both internal policies and external regulations.


Lightning-fast administration for greater agility

Identity Manager has a unified packaging framework that contains high quality, loosely connected policy content packets. This framework is modular, so you can upgrade, downgrade, modify, or introduce new policies without disrupting your existing business services. Add new policies into your policy infrastructure with ease and without custom coding.


Roles mapping

Easily integrate non-connected security policies through a simple drag-and-drop mapping of user permissions with Identity Manager roles. The Roles Mapping Administrator console provides you one view of all the roles and permissions tied to a target system so that you can create a unified governing policy without any coding.


Reduce overhead costs with self-service

Identity Manager’s customizable, user-friendly dashboard allows business users to manage their own access, track access requests, and delegate tasks. It also supports single sign-on to the user application, letting users sign in without having to re-enter their username and password.


Unified packaging framework

The Identity Manager engine is built on the foundation of a unified packaging framework. It abstracts the business policies into a common database so enterprises can reuse existing policies, workflows and reports across every business process. This modular approach gives the flexibility to add new hot-pluggable policy packages and quickly update their existing policy bases.


Single sign-on support

This feature enables users to log into various enterprise applications and their identity dashboards with just one log-in.


REST API support for seamless integration with user-friendly interfaces

Identity Manager can fit in with your user interfaces and programming languages.


Simplified deployment

Identity Manager comes with an easy installation option that simplifies integrating and configuring Identity Manager components, dramatically reducing the time from planning to implementation.


Save money on software and hardware

Identity Manager simplifies identity management, is easy to deploy in heterogeneous IT environments and interoperates with your existing applications and hardware, saving IT from costly, repetitive tasks.


Seamless integration

Identity Manager will integrate easily into your existing environment, thanks to the heterogeneous environments support. And with the new implementation tools, deploying or migration to Identity Manger is even easier and less expensive to implement.


Works well in mixed environments

Our products are right at home in mixed environments. For over a decade, we have developed Identity Manager to integrate with most enterprise-class hardware platforms. With out-of-the box connectors for most applications, databases and systems, you can scale beyond physical deployments to virtual networks and the cloud—quickly, easily, and affordably.


Easy and affordable to deploy

The built-in Identity Vault—a centralized identity and access database—eliminates the need to create and maintain a separate directory. Introducing new applications and services into your environment is simple with intelligent tools like Analyzer and Designer that provide automated data-cleansing, a user-friendly drag-and-drop design, and automated documentation capabilities.


Fan-out drivers

Scale fast by updating access to servers, databases, and directories with a wider range of fan-out drivers. Identity Manager provides enterprise-class administration and scalability with fan-out drivers to manage dozens or hundreds of similar applications as one system, including resources such as Linux servers, AS/400 servers, and databases.


Embedded Identity Vault

Simplify managing your identity infrastructure with this centralized database that configures quickly and automatically.


Out-of-the-box drivers for a wide range of applications

Integrate quickly with many popular enterprise-class systems.


Data cleansing

Identity Manager Analyzer ensures general internal data quality policies are enforced—including data analysis, cleansing, reconciliation, monitoring, and reporting. Customers can use Analyzer to analyze, enhance, and control all data stores throughout their enterprise.


Automated Identity Manager testing

With Validator providing automation of driver development, you can expect to deploy new and updated drivers more quickly, with improved quality.


Self-service password administration

Users can reset their passwords or unlock their account without calling the help desk. And because Identity Manager distributes password updates in real time across all your physical and virtual resources, your entire environment is password maintenance free.


Cloud-ready identity management service

Venture into the cloud with confidence by extending enterprise-compliant processes to SaaS applications and other hosted resources.


Intelligent and efficient provisioning

Identity Manager’s comprehensive set of connectors works for a variety of operating systems and platforms, including SaaS connectors for cloud provisioning. Automatically provision and deprovision access to cloud resources and roll out new applications with intelligence and efficiency.


Consistent security

Identity Manager ensures identity and access controls are central to every user activity. Access is based on business policy, not the requirements of a third-party hosting service or managed-service provider. As a result, security is consistent across your enterprise, no matter where your users work or where your systems are hosted.


A sustainable SaaS compliance solution

Identity Manager leverages your enterprise’s security policies for cloud-based applications. Our comprehensive reporting captures and stores all cloud-based provisioning activities 24/7, so you can prove your access policies are enforced—even in today’s world of dynamic, virtualized computing.


Comprehensive activity reporting for SaaS applications

Advanced reports eliminate any mystery in the cloud by providing detailed views of user data, activities, and application access states.


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