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Navisworks Simulate 2021 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription


Navisworks Simulate is a software application for 3D coordination, analysis, and communication. It is commonly used in construction projects to visualize and simulate construction processes. Here’s a summary of the Navisworks Simulate 2021 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription:

Product: Navisworks Simulate 2021

Licensing: Commercial New Single-user, which means it is licensed for use by a single user for commercial purposes

ELD: ELD stands for Electronic License Delivery, indicating that the software license is delivered electronically rather than as a physical product

Subscription Type: Annual Subscription, meaning you pay for the software on a yearly basis to continue using it

Features: Navisworks Simulate allows users to integrate and review 3D models, perform clash detection, simulate construction schedules, and generate 4D construction simulations

Benefits: Helps construction professionals visualize and simulate construction projects, identify and resolve clashes and conflicts, and improve project coordination and communication

Usage: Used in the construction industry for building information modeling (BIM) and project coordination