Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express


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SQL Server Management Studio Express is an open source tool for accessing, managing and developing all components of SQL. This tool supports most administrative tasks for SQL Server.


  • A single, integrated environment for SQL Server Database Engine management and authoring
  • It allows users to send them to a Code Editor, or script them for later execution.
  • Non-modal and resizable dialogs help users to access to multiple tools while a dialog is open
  • A common scheduling dialog that allows users to perform the action of the management dialogs at a later time
  • Exporting and importing SQL Server Management Studio
  • Save or print XML Deadlock and Showplan files automatically created by SQL Server
  • A tutorial on SQL Server Management Studio to help users to take advantage of the many new features to become more productive right away
  • A new activity monitor with filtering and automatic refresh
  • Integrated Database Mail interfaces
  • An integrated Web browser for browsing of online or MSDN help
  • Integration of Help from online communities
  • A new error and informational message box which provide more information. It also allows users to send e-mail and messages to the support team


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