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LINDO API 7.0 is a software development kit (SDK) that provides a set of libraries and tools for building optimization-based applications. It enables developers to integrate advanced optimization capabilities into their own software, providing solutions for complex business problems. Key Features:

  1. Optimization Solvers: LINDO API 7.0 includes a range of optimization solvers, including linear, integer, quadratic, and nonlinear programming solvers.
  2. Modeling Language: The API provides a modeling language that allows developers to formulate optimization models using a simple and intuitive syntax.
  3. API Libraries: LINDO API 7.0 includes libraries for various programming languages, including C, C++, Java, and.NET.
  4. Scalability: The API is designed to handle large-scale optimization problems, making it suitable for applications that require high-performance computing.
  5. Integration: LINDO API 7.0 can be integrated with other software and tools, enabling developers to incorporate optimization capabilities into their existing applications.


  1. Faster Development: LINDO API 7.0 provides a pre-built optimization engine, reducing the time and effort required to develop optimization-based applications.
  2. Improved Performance: The API’s advanced optimization solvers and scalable architecture enable fast and efficient solution of complex optimization problems.
  3. Flexibility: LINDO API 7.0 provides a flexible and customizable optimization platform, allowing developers to tailor the API to their specific needs.