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LanTopoLog 2


LanTopoLog 2 is a network topology discovery and visualization tool that helps IT professionals and network administrators to create detailed maps of their network infrastructure. Key Features:

  1. Automatic Network Discovery: LanTopoLog 2 automatically discovers and maps network devices, including routers, switches, servers, and workstations.
  2. Visualization: The software provides a visual representation of the network topology, making it easy to understand complex network relationships and identify potential issues.
  3. Layer 2 and Layer 3 Mapping: LanTopoLog 2 can create maps of both Layer 2 (Ethernet) and Layer 3 (IP) networks, providing a comprehensive view of the network infrastructure.
  4. Device and Connection Tracking: The software tracks devices and connections in real-time, enabling users to monitor network performance and troubleshoot issues.
  5. Reporting and Export: LanTopoLog 2 allows users to generate reports and export network maps to various formats, including Visio, PDF, and CSV.


  1. Improved Network Visibility: LanTopoLog 2 provides a clear and detailed view of the network infrastructure, helping IT professionals to identify potential issues and optimize network performance.
  2. Simplified Network Management: The software simplifies network management by automating the discovery and mapping of network devices, saving time and reducing errors.
  3. Enhanced Troubleshooting: LanTopoLog 2 enables users to quickly identify and troubleshoot network issues, reducing downtime and improving overall network reliability