Kubotek Spectrum – Kosmos Framework


Maximize Your Application’s Ability to Work with Engineering Models & Data

Build engineering software with the fastest and most interoperable tools available

Kubotek Kosmos® 3D framework is an advanced set of C/C++ software components which support development of specialized design applications, CAD/CAM, CMM, and CAE utility programs, and high-fidelity movement of data between engineering software programs.

Your domain expertise backed with precise engineering data

  • Supports 3D solid models with associative GD&T manufacturing information, surfaces, wireframe, construction geometry and 2D drawings with GD&T manufacturing information
  • Includes automatic geometric feature recognition such as machined holes, fillets/rounds and chamfers
  • Powerful variable precision that fully supports models ranging in size from millions of miles to microns long
  • Includes manifold and non-manifold topology and multi-dimensional bodies (zero dimension through three dimensional)

Reliably read files from all major MCAD databases

  • Unique interoperability data architecture minimizes translation by preserving complex geometry definition structures native to each engineering database
  • Support available for standard STEP, IGES and VDA files, neutral ACIS SAT, Parasolid X_T, JT, and STL files, and proprietary files from Dassault CATIA and SolidWorks, Siemens NX and Solid Edge, PTC Creo and Pro/E, and Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD
  • Innovative variable precision system provides a simple, consistent solution to the problem of data coming from different CAD databases which use different modeling precision

Maximize your application performance

  • Written from the ground up with multi-threading in mind with zero global and static variables
    • This allows Kosmos-based applications to take full advantage of multiple processors by operating mutex-free, eliminating a significant bottleneck required by older kernels to which thread-safe support was an added feature
  • Advanced math algorithms reduce the number of mathematical operations required to calculate many solutions
    • Example: the intersection of two surfaces
  • Small file size of the code libraries means a dramatically smaller memory footprint, enabling larger datasets
  • Optimal condensed format for database save and restore

Easily expand to new platforms and markets

  • Libraries are supported and tested on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android providing the potential for operation on mobile devices
  • Complete Unicode support allows for text strings in most of the world’s writing systems
  • Compatibility with .NET (Visual Basic, C#, etc.) and ELK Scheme allows your team to quickly integrate with existing code
  • Full Lua scripting allows your partners and users to extend your applications

Maximize the productivity of your development team

  • Automated run-time UI dialogs reduce time creating and maintaining separate resource files
  • Comprehensive trace-ability features like built-in memory tracking with allocation line number, a pointer-free API, and bi-directional attribute-object lookup
  • Functional sample viewer programs (wxWidgets and Qt based) for use in initial testing or as the base of a quick application
  • Utilize proven components Kubotek delivers to leading aerospace manufacturers in end-user 3D model audit programs
  • Kubotek3D support provides 100% automated test coverage, frequent releases, and fast turn-around for fixes

Modular Components

The Kubotek Kosmos architecture allows customers to flexibly license only the modules they need for a project.

  • Kosmos Core Modeler (KCM(R))

Complete and universal 3D engineering database

  • Modeling

Boundary representation modeler

  • Translation Components


VDA, JT, Parasolid

Native CAD read and write

  • Graphics

OpenGL hardware acceleration and memory,

shading, custom line patterns

Core Features

·         Geometry and topology definitions
·         KCM database save and restore
·         Undo/Redo
·         STEP or SAT read and write
·         Feature discovery/recognition
·         Faceting
·         Ray firing
·         Model evaluators/verify
·         Assembly discovery
·         Math function libraries
·         Usage statistics
·         License management

Modeling Features

·         Solid primitives
·         Curves
·         Point clouds
·         Sweeping
·         Lofting
·         Optic surfaces
·         Curve/surface trimming
·         Profiles/Planar cover
·         Intersectors/Booleans
·         Surface blending
·         Precise hidden line
·         Model repair/simplification


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