Khoros Marketing


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Product Details

Khoros Marketing users can plan and manage multiple social campaigns in real-time by consolidating channels and content to connect with audiences. Teams have access to in-app chat and shared, global calendars, enabling all collaborators to be informed and involved during the campaign planning process. Content categorization enables filtering and routing using content tags, themes, and permissions so previous and active campaigns can be easily searched and located.


Khoros Marketing Feature

  • Comparative performance analytics
  • Discover global trends
  • Full-featured mobile app
  • Goal-based account management
  • Internal collaboration tools and workflows
  • Manage real-time engagement
  • Multi-channel moderation
  • Organic and targeted publishing
  • Personalized design projects and strategic campaigns
  • Plan and implement social campaigns
  • Reward fans with incentives
  • Scalable to business needs
  • Shared publishing calendars
  • Social listening
  • Support team and Support Portal


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