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Katalon Runtime Engine


Katalon Runtime Engine, a powerful test automation tool! Alright, here’s what I’ve got for you: Product Details: Katalon Runtime Engine is a standalone application that enables users to execute automated tests created with Katalon Studio, a comprehensive test automation platform. It’s designed to provide a flexible and scalable solution for continuous testing and integration. Key Features:

  1. Test Execution: Executes automated tests created with Katalon Studio, supporting various testing frameworks and protocols.
  2. Remote Testing: Allows users to execute tests on remote machines, making it ideal for distributed testing environments.
  3. Headless Mode: Enables users to run tests in headless mode, perfect for CI/CD pipelines and automated testing.
  4. Command-Line Interface: Provides a command-line interface for easy integration with DevOps tools and scripts.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: Generates detailed reports and analytics to help users track test results and improve testing efficiency