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Intergraph is a software company that specializes in providing engineering and geospatial software solutions. The company offers a range of products and services for various industries, including:

  1. CAD (Computer-Aided Design): Intergraph provides CAD software for designing and drafting in industries such as architecture, engineering, and construction.
  2. CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing): Intergraph offers CAM software for manufacturing processes, including toolpath generation and CNC machine programming.
  3. CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering): Intergraph provides CAE software for engineering analysis and simulation, including finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
  4. GIS (Geographic Information Systems): Intergraph is known for its GIS software, which is used for mapping, spatial analysis, and managing geographic data.
  5. PPM (Project Portfolio Management): Intergraph offers PPM software for managing large-scale projects, including scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation.
  6. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): Intergraph provides SCADA software for monitoring and controlling industrial processes.
  7. Public Safety and Security: Intergraph offers software solutions for public safety agencies, including emergency response, dispatch, and incident management.

Overall, Intergraph is a leading provider of software solutions for a wide range of industries, helping organizations improve efficiency, productivity, and decision-making processes