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IBM Db2 provides solutions for the Operational Database, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and Fast Data. It is, without a doubt, one of the ideal database software for the most demanding workloads.


  • XML Support:It enables enterprises to minimize the time and resources required to persist and leverage their XML data. It helps in a significant reduction of development expenses and enhances business agility
  • Task Scheduler:Its Task Scheduler supports statistics gathering and reorganization of indexes and tables without the need for any user interaction. It also allows the job to be run under other jobs
  • High Availability: It leverages ASYNC, NEARSYNC, and SYNC HADR models to keep multiple options and ensure a high uptime ratio
  • Supports Legacy Software: It meets the requirement to support legacy Java tools by leveraging the technology of the robust mainframe
  • Data segregation is easier through easy partitioning due to automatic storage and tablespace usage
  • Smoother administration through commands, including CLI (Command Line Interface) or via Control Center / Data Studio ( DB2 10.x+)
  • It offers support to both private and cloud environments
  • It comes equipped with AI-dedicated capabilities that can structure and manage complex data
  • It can be deployed easily and integrated with multiple platforms, workloads, and languages
  • Extremely stable and requires deficient maintenance
  • Offers robust security
  • Distributes and remembers the exact location of every track where the data is located



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