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GstarCAD Standard


GstarCAD Standard is another version of the GstarCAD software suite, designed for users who require a more basic 2D CAD solution. Here are some key features of GstarCAD Standard:

  1. Compatibility: Similar to the Professional version, GstarCAD Standard supports various file formats, including DWG/DXF, ensuring seamless integration with other popular CAD software.
  2. User Interface: GstarCAD Standard offers a user-friendly interface with customizable options, allowing users to work comfortably.
  3. Productivity Tools: The software comes with essential productivity tools like block and hatch editors, advanced object snap, and dynamic UCS management, which help users work more efficiently.
  4. 2D Drawing and Editing: GstarCAD Standard provides a comprehensive set of 2D drawing and editing tools, including line, arc, circle, and text tools, as well as advanced features like multileaders, dimensions, and annotations.
  5. Customization: Users can customize the software by adding new commands, menus, and toolbars using the built-in scripting language and programming interface.
  6. Data Management: GstarCAD Standard includes a basic data management system that allows users to organize and manage their projects effectively.

Although GstarCAD Standard has fewer features compared to the Professional version, it still offers a reliable and efficient 2D CAD solution for users with more basic needs. If you need more information or have any specific questions, feel free to ask