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GstarCAD 2020 Professional


GstarCAD 2020 Professional is a version of GstarCAD 2020 that offers additional features and capabilities compared to the standard version. Here are some key features of GstarCAD 2020 Professional:

  1. Advanced 3D Modeling: GstarCAD 2020 Professional includes advanced 3D modeling tools for creating complex 3D models and designs.
  2. Dynamic Block: It supports dynamic block creation and editing, allowing users to create intelligent and reusable blocks.
  3. PDF to DWG Conversion: GstarCAD 2020 Professional includes a PDF to DWG conversion tool, making it easy to convert PDF files into editable DWG drawings.
  4. Raster Image Support: The software supports the insertion and editing of raster images, allowing users to incorporate images into their drawings.
  5. Express Tools: GstarCAD 2020 Professional includes a set of express tools that enhance productivity and streamline workflow.
  6. Parametric Constraints: It supports parametric constraints, allowing users to define relationships between objects in their drawings.
  7. Enhanced Collaboration: GstarCAD 2020 Professional includes enhanced collaboration tools, making it easier for multiple users to work on the same drawing simultaneously.
  8. Customization: Like the standard version, GstarCAD 2020 Professional allows users to customize the interface and workflow to suit their specific needs.

Overall, GstarCAD 2020 Professional is a comprehensive CAD software solution that offers advanced features and capabilities for professionals and organizations in industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing